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Moreover, it is absolutely free! Interested in? Then we advise you to familiarize yourself with our selection of useful tips. They will allow you to feel more confident on the road and not get into an awkward situation.

Tip one: Travel on a sober head

If you are under the influence of alcohol, then go on a trip is not worth it. For two reasons. Firstly, it is not ethical in relation to the driver who agreed to give you a lift. Secondly, it is dangerous. Being drunk, you will not be able to assess the risks in the process of catching vehicles and further travel. Drivers who are willing to take advantage of your fortune for their own benefit may come across.

Tip Two: Think Like a Driver

If you want to catch a car that will take you to beautiful lands, you need to learn to think like a driver. What does it mean? Choose places where it will be convenient to pick you up. Wear reflective clothing. Ask for a ride to the city, which is located along the route of the car.

Tip Three: Make Sure You Are Being Free

At first glance, this advice might seem silly. But, believe me, you will think differently if you fall into such an awkward situation. So do not forget to remind the driver at the time of boarding that you do not have money. But promise him excellent company and sincere conversations. They love it.

Tip Four: Try not to sleep and keep up the conversation

Drivers select companions not only out of kindness but also in order to escape from a nap. Be a diligent traveler and help the person behind the wheel get rid of sleep. Someone likes to talk more, someone more to listen. You should ideally do both. If you and the driver do not have common languages. And this happens when traveling abroad, then memorize a small story about yourself in English and local dialect.

Tip Five: One traveler – one bag

Drivers do not like to pick up people with a huge number of suitcases. And they can be understood. To pick up a person and take him to his destination is stress. Nobody wants to aggravate it by carrying luggage and trying to carve out some free space in their trunk.

Tip Six: Make eye contact with the driver

When you catch the car, take off your sunglasses and remove the cap. You should look directly at the driver and try to establish eye contact with him. Not the fact that everyone will stop, but it increases confidence in you. So, you have to wait for less than a few hours on the sidelines.

Tip 7: Smile

Communication with a positive person infects with energy. That is why cheerful people are so attracted to their audience. Believe me, the driver is not at all interested in your problems in your personal life and lack of career growth. He picked you up in order to hear interesting stories about adventures and meet a new extraordinary person. Match! And he has enough personal problems.

We hope that these seven tips will make your hitchhiking trip more enjoyable and successful. However, do not forget that sometimes you can get from point A to point B much easier and faster. 

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