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Some institutions go ahead of the wishes of their guests. As a result, we get these unusual additional hotel services:

Breakfast with giraffes

Eight endangered Rothschild giraffes live in a hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Thus, managing institutions solve two problems of their guests at once. Firstly, guests do not have to spend time on safaris – they are already in the reserve. Secondly, the residents have ensured a good neighborhood at breakfast – giraffes often look at the table through the windows.

Book Specialist

Bookworms, rejoice! In a London hotel with an impressive history, there is a living embodiment of the answer to the question “What should I read on vacation?” – a butler picking up a book especially for you. The fact is that at the Langham Hotel, which we are talking about, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Oscar Wilde stayed at one time. Therefore, the position of a book specialist is still considered appropriate within the walls of this institution. How does it work? A specially trained person chooses the perfect book for you, in his opinion, and leaves it on the nightstand with a note explaining the choice.

Twitter Assistant

For those who prefer an Instagram feed to a book, special additional hotel services are also prepared. W Hotels in New York has a wedding social media specialist. In other words, if you are planning a wedding and you are most concerned about the quality of your selfies, contact the services of an assistant. For $ 3000, he is ready to broadcast what is happening at the ceremony on Twitter with a special hashtag, fill your Instagram, keep a wedding blog and do not forget Pinterest.

Dolphin Yoga

Yoga and pastime with dolphins have much more in common than you think! Both that and another, as is commonly believed, has healing properties. So why not combine two experiences that are beneficial to the soul and body into one to enhance the effect? That’s what the managers of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas thought and brought the idea to life. Here, in a specially designated area, you can practice yoga under the strict supervision of dolphins.

Catch fridge

British Columbia in Canada is the dream of every fisherman. You don’t need to be a pro to catch cod, halibut or salmon on your own. It often happens that during the holiday’s people do not have time to quickly deal with their catch. Especially for such occasions, The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel is equipped with a 16 m³ freezer, which will keep your production fresh.

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